Soils & Microclimate

Changins, School of Engineering is currently conducting a study of our soils. We will be updating this section as soon as we have more information to share.

Our soils are generally deep, resting on the compact Ground Moraine, left behind when the Rhone glacier retreated some 10’000 years ago. Therefore the root-system is deep and well established.

The soils are medium light to medium heavy, composed of Lime, Clay and Sand. Some chalk is found on folded marl accumulations. Gravel and siliceous limestone rock occur.

Calcareous concretions are frequent.


The vines are well exposed to the south-east, on hillsides with 10-20% inclination.

They are planted on altitudes ranging from 500 to 575 metres. 

Solar exposure is maximum for the region overlooking Lake Geneva, as sunlight gets reflected from the water.